Professional Home Inspector

As a Texas Professional Home Inspector and ASHI Certified Inspectors, our inspections are more stringent than that of a normal inspection. For not only have we completed the Texas qualification, we have gone through a review of our inspection by ASHI to ensure we are meeting their high standards. Additionally, we certified in Pools, as a Level 2 Thermographer, and DOE Energy Score Assessor. What does that mean for you using our services?

As a Pool certified inspector we are familiar with the equipment being used but also the construction of the pool and the use of both fresh and salt water pools.

As a Level 2 certified Thermographer we are able to equipment to evaluate multiple areas of your home not accessible through visual inspections. The Thermal image of your home allows us to see electrical issues in the main electrical panel. See water leaks in stucco exterior homes. Evaluate the insulation levels in the walls, ceiling, and air leaks in doors and windows identifying energy loss issues. And more importantly, we can identify leaks in the walls and ceilings using the thermal imaging cameras.

Additional tools we use are moisture meters once we identify moisture in walls and ceilings, A level device to take cursory foundation reading and not just visual inspection of the foundation. This helps us to identify potential anomalies in the foundation in which we can recommend a professional engineer evaluate. (please note: only a licensed Structural Engineer can determine if the foundation needs repair).

Our inspection identity potential building code issue, safety issues, good manufacturing building practices, better construction methods and recommendation on energy savings. It is the responsibility of the buyer to higher licensed professional in the areas of electrical, plumbing, roofing and HVAC to evaluate our finds.