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We can check your foundation for major problems.

Even just saying the words “foundation problems” can evoke nightmares of significant and costly repairs. But it might surprise you that a lot of foundation repairs are less expensive and extensive than you might initially assume. In some cases, foundation repairs are only cosmetic, but in others, they are structural.

Foundation Inspection in Dallas, Texas

The trick to avoiding major and costly foundation repairs is to have a foundation inspection conducted at your home. At PTJ Home Defenders, we are qualified to inspect your home’s foundation and determine what the extent of the damage is like. We will also suggest possible solutions for dealing with any identified foundation problems, so you can keep your home strong and a great place to live for many years to come.

Although having a foundation inspection completed is always a good idea, especially after you’ve lived in your Dallas, Texas home for a few years, it’s worth having us complete an inspection if you plan to sell or buy. We can inspect your home’s foundation before you list it, or we can inspect the foundation of a home you want to purchase. This way, there aren’t any surprises, and you can plan for any needed repairs before the real estate transaction.

We are a trusted, reliable, and thorough home inspection company that will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations. For more information about what we look for during a foundation inspection or to schedule your next inspection, contact us today.

At PTJ Home Defenders, we perform foundation inspections in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area, including McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Allen, Richardson, Carrollton, Fairview, Celina, Prosper, Highland Village, Flower Mound, and Coppell.


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