What Does a Home Inspector Do?

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Buying a home is a large investment, and you want to know as much about the property you’re going to buy as possible before you close. One part of purchasing a new home involves hiring a home inspector to review the property.

What Does a Home Inspector Do?

Here are a few important tasks a home inspector will take care of on your behalf:

  • Your home inspector will review all the major structural and mechanical systems of the home you want to buy. Some of these systems include the roof, attic, foundation, plumbing, AC system, and appliances.
  • Your home inspector will also take a general look at the exterior and interior of your home and the condition of these components.
  • Your home inspector will take approximately three to four hours to complete the inspection.
  • Once the inspector is through with this process, they will compile a report outlining any identified issues with the home’s systems and providing recommendations for rectifying these problems.

Although not required, it is a good idea to attend the last part of your home inspection. By doing this, your inspector can tell you about what they found during the inspection and answer any of your questions about what will be included in the official report.

If you need a home inspector to help with an upcoming home purchase, contact us at PTJ Home Defenders. We have over three decades of experience performing home inspections, and we’re licensed, certified, and insured.