Three Things We Look at During Commercial Inspections

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The facility you run your company out of should support your operations, not make it harder for you to run your business. At PTJ Home Defenders, we conduct commercial inspections, and having us perform an inspection on your building can help you understand the current condition of your building and plan for major repairs, so you’re in a better position to continue to run your business out of your facilities. Here are a few things we cover during commercial inspections:

Three Things We Look at During Commercial Inspections

1. The exterior of the building—Not only will we assess your building’s outer walls, but we will also take a look at your roofing, landscaping, parking lots, and other structures. We will make sure these components are structurally sound and then make recommendations based on if you need to do any repairs.

2. The building’s five major systems—Most commercial buildings today contain five major systems: plumbing, HVAC, heating, electrical, and mechanical. During commercial inspections, we thoroughly inspect these five systems to see if they are in good working condition. If one of these systems does not meet industry standards, we will provide an estimate regarding the cost of repair or replacement when we compile the report.

3. The interior of the building—During the interior inspection, we will make sure all interior spaces meet local building codes. We will also identify any safety-related risks that could pose a hazard for your employees or customers. We will look at your building’s bathrooms, walls, floors, offices, and other areas.