DOE - Energy Score Assessor

There are many discussions today on how do I make my home more energy efficient or is the home I am purchasing energy efficient. As a DOE - Certified Energy Score Assessor our responsibility is to evaluate a home looking at the building, windows, insulation, HVAC and water heater to determine how it ranks on a scale 1-10 as being energy efficient using current energy efficiency standards.

There are many methods out there that can test various parts of the home to see the actual physical measurement such as using thermal imaging to identify missing or voided insulation or the use of a blower door testing to identify air leakage (energy loss) of the home. The only current method to provide a quick evaluation of your home is the DOE - Energy Score Assessment. This will help a homeowner or buyer with a score of 1 to 10 how your home compares to an efficient home and methods to improve your score, such as window replace from single pane to double pane low-e windows increasing your score from a 2-5. Or adding 6" of additional insulation.

Currently, several cities have made it mandatory that an energy score assessment be performed prior to the sale of a home and one state is trying to pass it as law. The goal here is help the homeowner reduce their energy consumption and help increase their comfort in a new home.