How to Select Your Home Inspector

(PTJ Home Defenders Would Love to Work With You!)

Unsure how to pick a home inspector? You're not alone. Whether your real estate agent is referring an inspector or your best friend suggest you use his... it's hard to choose since so many things rest on the inspector's shoulders when it comes to you signing on to buy a house. No matter how fantastic the home looks, you need to have someone to look under all the layers to ensure it's a smart purchase.

A home inspector's main role is to inspect or examine a house and note any and all concerns, flaws, or damage. This can be something as major as a cracked foundation to minor imperfections you deserve to know about. Most inspections are scheduled immediately after an offer has been accepted on a home. This allows you to move forward confidently with the purchase or revoke your offer.

An inspection is only as good as the inspector who has written it. Make sure you hire someone who has experience.

Ask: "Are You Licensed?"

You might think that all home inspectors are certified or licensed, but not every state has the same requirements. Due to this, home inspectors can have varying expertise. In some places, home inspectors can get certifications online without attending classes!

PTJ Home Defenders credentials include State License #0742296 and ASHI Certification.

Find Out: "Do I Need a Specialist, Too?"

In most situations, a general home inspector is all you need before you purchase your home. They will walk the home and inspect for issues, but they cannot see behind walls in most cases. If something looks wrong or suspicious, you might need to hire a specialist to dig deeper. These specialists include experienced roofers, plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians...professionals who can further explore items identified by the home inspector in his report.

Dive In: "Do We Understand Each Other?"

Once you've narrowed down your home inspector research to a few inspectors who meet your needs, talk with each to be sure your communication styles work. Remember, this is the person who will guide you in making one of the biggest decisions of your life: a home purchase! They need to be able to explain things on your level and go into detail, when necessary. Hire someone you can trust to be thorough and ensure you understand the report fully.

PTJ Home Defenders has 30+ years in the industry and great relationships with previous clients. We take the time to explain the issues and what it will mean for you down the road. It's a huge investment - trust your report to an inspector who cares about you.

Sample First: "May I See an Example of Your Reporting?"

The best way to really understand how a home inspector works is to see a sample of his reports. You will quickly discover how thorough his notes are, how he thinks, his communication style, and how he explains issues. Remember: the home inspector's job is to point out issues to you. Do not expect him to recommend fixes, give advice regarding compensation, or estimate the cost of repairs.

Home Inspector Interview Questions:

Use these questions to help identify the best inspector for you!

  • What are your qualifications?
  • How much do you charge?
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • How long will the inspection take?
  • Can I come along on the inspection?

*Red Flag: If someone charges significantly less than other home inspectors, there's probably a reason. Also, if a candidate thinks that they can thoroughly inspect your 90-year-old home in about an hour, think again.

PTJ Home Defenders recommends that you ALWAYS come along on a home inspection (and we will try our best to work with your schedule). We strongly believe that in order to fully understand the findings of the report, you should see the issues youself. We may also be able to show you potential maintenance issues that aren't current problems. You could walk away with a realistic punch list of items to repair or replace in the first years.

If you're a first-time homeowner, you definitely should attend the inspection.