Buyer's Inspections in McKinney, TX

Buyer's Inspections in McKinney, TX

Get a Home Inspection Before You Buy

Before you buy a home, you need to ensure you are making a good investment, and your new property is structurally sound. Are there issues with the systems or the roof? PTJ Home Defenders will complete a pre-purchase home inspection so you can feel confident in your offer, your negotiations, and moving into your new home.

Are you working with a real estate agent? Great! PTJ Home Defenders has relationships with many of the agents in the McKinney, TX area. We will complete your inspection in a timely manner and provide a detailed home inspection report to reference during contract negotiations.

You love the home. You like the location. Do you know what’s behind the walls?
PTJ Home Defenders will inspect the following to ensure your investment is sound:

• Electrical
• Plumbing
• HVAC system
• Roof
• Foundation

Call PTJ Home Defenders today to schedule the inspection on your soon-to-be new house.